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Scenario - Current World Job Market....New era of Online Jobs & Work Force Sourcing

Unemployment is the most common crisis in every country in recent times. Even the first world countries also faces the same problem especially after the world economic recession. Many countries known as economic powerhouse got the major blow during that time and their overall economic condition shrinks so much that many banks and large business organizations went bankrupt, some forced to close their activities or sell their business to other large corporations. Giant organizations forced to reduce their existing manpower to match regular expenditure with their maximum budget.

Ultimately, it results many people lost their jobs and due to this overall economic situation there are also no any other new scopes open for them to manage new employment. On the other hand, every year million of fresh graduates, scholars and skilled people enter into the job market. And it is really difficult for them to enter in the job market smoothly because of narrow scope of employment and also fierce competition from experienced worker who recently become unemployed.

Scenario of Developing and Underdeveloped countries

For the third countries, this problem is not a new one as maximum of those countries has poor economic platform and also carrying a huge burden of large population. Besides, they also produces large percentage of qualified, semi-qualified or unskilled workers every year. They also fight every moment to get a proper placement into job market.

You will surprise to know a very unusual and interesting thing about the third world countries regarding the proper job placement of an individual. And that is, a banker has a academic background of engineering, administrative assistant has a background of history related subject and so on! It' funny, but it's the reality. But, when we studying in our schools and colleges, did we really got the actual ideas of our future job placement? No, not at all! That time, we all are actually wearing a colorful goggles of dream.

Third world countries South Asia and Africa. there are a lot of talents, who has the skills in many areas but very few of them get the real opportunities to work in his/her mostly interested areas. Labor cost in these countries are also even very low compare to European and American market. But, only due to some logistical support and some basic facilities like Internet connection with sufficient speed, online banking facilities and overall government support, these people do not enter to the world job market despite of having enough skills.

Besides all these logistical supports, lack of knowledge is also one of the mail reason why computer skilled peoples from those countries are not able to come to market. Very few of them has the idea about the types of jobs has demand in world market. There are many small and medium sized organization in Europe and American countries need computer skilled people to perform various works for them. But, as the labor cost is high in those countries due to higher living cost, they do not feel interested to hire worker from their local market. Everyone wants quality work at lower expense. So, they focus their interest to hire employee from third world countries and through online job sites.

New era of Online Jobs & Business Opportunities

Online based jobs like, article writing, web-content writing, blog writing, translation, proofreading, search engine optimization, social media marketing, Internet marketing, advertising, administrative support, multimedia etc. has a great demand to those employers. If you have skills on these areas, you can easily get the opportunity to manage works from those employers over online. But, only having of skills is enough to get a job if you do not know the way to approach to the employer or do not know the way to bring your hard money to your pocket?

Believe me, there are vast opportunities are awaiting for skilled people like us! My ultimate objective to educate my all those brothers and sisters and share creative thoughts and ideas among ourselves, so that we can grab those opportunities in organized and most professional ways. We have grow a believe in our self that we can do whatever we want in this new era of online jobs and many world-wide business opportunities with small capital.

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