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Similarities between Freelance Work and Forex Trading

Is there any similarity between Freelancework and Forex trading? Majority people do not agree with that comment or statement as if the Freelance work is located in north, then Forex Trading is located in south. If Freelance work is a contract basis job, then Forex trading is a kinf of pure business. There should be no any similarities between them.

But, from my personal experience, I found a similarity between them and that is ‘Independence’. Anyone can enjoy the ultimate independence in these two kinds of profession. I have my own logic and psychology to support this statement.

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Freelancer Freedom of Work
Freelance work requires some special skills, which is also required in any traditional or regular jobs at any corporate house or company. But, in regular jobs, maximum time a person cannot utilize his/ her 100% skill due to intervention of his supervisor or colleagues. This is a very common scenario in all over the world, especially in Bangladesh. As a result, a person cannot get full job satisfaction when he gets a particular job done. Even the credibility for the job completion is also distributed among other colleagues and particularly stole by the supervisor or manger. In regular job, you’ve to perform without demonstrating your 100% skills and get a payment at the end of the month. But in Freelance work, you’ve to perform and show your 100% skill, get the job done on time and get payment for that particular job. At the end, the ultimate reward is ‘payment’ along with ‘job satisfaction’.

On the hand, in regular business or trading business, you need to invest in many fixed assets which requires time liquidate if you need cash on very urgent basis. Besides more importantly you have to invest your valuable time which is long enough to get a handsome profit. Along with all these, you’ve to consider many more factors to start and run the business e.g. location, buy and sell merchandise, communication, transportation, various banking factors or even political stability in the country etc. to execute it properly. All these factors ultimately not give you the ultimate freedom to do the business or trading in your way. No, I don’t treat it in a negative way, but all these factors make me feel that other relevant factors of regular business and trading business reduces the freedom of operating.

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I don’t found except forex trading, which requires only cash to execute and get the reward in cash immediately after closing the trade. What is needed in Forex trading is actually the skill of chart reading. Some very good skills on technical analysis and fundamental analysis and money management skill can give you the success in forex. You have to study a lot to gain all those skills and vast resources is available online to learn about the market and various strategies.

I have spent almost more than nine years of doing various jobs in very good corporate houses and searched many opportunities to do any regular or traditional business. During all these try, I spend enough time of doing online base Freelance work and also Forex trading. I found the similarity of working independently between these two completely different kind of profession of Freelance work and forex trading.

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