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Tips for Cleaning Hard Water Shower Filter

Tips for Cleaning Shower HeadFilters

Most of the people think that it’s really very difficult to clean a hard water shower filter. But they are completely wrong. To be honest, if you know the actual way of cleaning a hard water shower filter, then the whole process will be quite easier for you. It is true that there are several ways of cleaning hard water shower filter but in this article I will mainly discuss about how to clean it with vinegar. Vinegar is a powerful element that can be used for cleaning purpose. It can not only applicable for cleaning hard water shower filter only, but also applicable for cleaning other stuffs. Anyway, let’s have a look at the steps on how to clean a hard water shower filter with vinegar.

At first, you have to manage several things like soft cloth, toothbrush, wrench and old rag, distilled white vinegar and a pot or bucket. However, you can use flannel or microfiber as a soft cloth. Try to use your old tooth brush instead of using a new one or it’s really not necessary to buy a new tooth brush for this purpose. However, it would be okay if you want to buy. Also make sure that the size of your pot or bucket is pretty larger than the size of your hard water shower filter.

After managing all the things for cleaning purpose, now you have to remove your showerhead. Well, you can do it by cracking it counterclockwise. If you face any problems or troubles at the time of twisting your showerhead, then the thing you need to do is trying to wrap an old rag around the connecting nut and after that you have to twist it with a wrench. In the previous part I already mentioned that you have to manage five things in total for the purpose of cleaning shower head filter with vinegar and wrench & old rag is one of them. So I hope now you clearly understand the importance of managing wrench & old rag.

In this part, you have to make use of your pot and bucket but how? Well, you need to put the hard water shower filter into that particular pot or bucket. Well, in this case I would like to suggest you to think about making use of a tiny bucket or container which just about fits the showerhead. This way will avoid anyone from using a lot of vinegar. A tiny bucket or plastic bin can also be used.

Now you have to take your distilled white vinegar and fill the bucket with it to cover the shower head. Well, the acids in the vinegar will assist in dissolving the white mineral deposits on the showerhead. Allow the showerhead to soak in the vinegar for half an hour to overnight.

After that you have to clean the showerhead and scrub away any residue by making use of your old toothbrush. In order to polish your showerhead, you have to use your soft cloth. I repeat, you can use flannel or microfiber as a soft cloth.

Finally, put your showerhead back onto the wall pipe and take a fresh shower.

That’s all about cleaning a hard water shower filter. No doubt, the whole process is very easy and definitely it won’t take plenty of time. Make sure you have everything for cleaning purpose. If you want, you can also clean your showerhead from outside but you have to spend a bit for that and there is absolutely no meaning of cleaning it from outside as the process is really very simple. Anyway, thanks for reading this article.


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