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Reviews of the Most Popular Green Bay Packers House Slippers

Green Bay Packers Baby Slippers from Get Me Sports and Fanatics

This article will introduce you with one of the most popular green bay packers house slippers known as “Green Bay Packers Official NFL Baby Bootie Slippers”. No doubt, it will keep your child warm and comfortable all the time.  Let’s take a look at its features to know more in details.

Features of this Popular NFL Slippers for Kids


The actual price of this one of the most popular green bay packers house slippers is US $9.95 in Amazon which is pretty much affordable. Actually, this is the one and only reason behind the popularity of this product. To be honest, people nowadays are badly in search of them the cheapest item. They even don’t think about the quality of an item. The thing they want is low price. However, if you are willing to purchase this green bay packers house slippers from “Get Me Sports”, then you will find this product available at the US $18.95 and the US $14.99 at Fanatics. The reason of higher price in Get Me Sports and Fanatics is, these online outlet shops has the authorization from NFL to sell merchandise with the logos of different registered clubs in NFL. So, they are bound to give the best quality products and the original logos.

Make sure that you have the right payment method at your hand. Otherwise, you won’t be able to purchase any item. For your kind information, “Get Me Sports” mainly allows four types of payment methods. The first one is Visa, the second one is Master Card, the third one is American Express and the fourth one or the last one is PayPal. If you have any one of them, then you will be able to purchase from this great online store. However, don’t get worried if you really don’t have a visa or master card or PayPal account. You can still use the visa or master card of your friend or if you want, you can also use your friend’s PayPal account for making payment through online. That’s all about this part.

Size of this NFL Baby Slipper:

Whenever you are going to purchase any item related to garments or clothing, it’s really quite important to check the sizes. Otherwise, you may need to purchase the same thing again after few days. So, it’s your noble duty to ensure that the size of your chosen item totally matches with your size. However, for the green bay packers house slippers, there are four sizes available. The list of sizes is given as below:

1. Small.
2. Medium.
3. Large.
4. X – Large.

So that’s all about the size of the green bay packers house slippers. For more information, I would definitely like to suggest you to pay a visit to the site of “Get Me Sports” so definitely it will help you to know more about details.

Green Bay Packers Graphics:

The green bay packers house slippers features green bay packers graphics. This is considered as one of the most vital features of this product. You will also be glad to learn that, just because of the price and this important feature, this product is quite popular over the entire world.

Additional Features:


  1. This green bay packers house slippers is quite durable.
  2. As it is durable, so you will be able to us it for a very long time.
  3. Most importantly, the price of this green bay packer house slipper is quite affordable. So you need not to spend lots of money for purchasing this product. 
  4. Big green bay packers logo makes this item a lot more popular all over the world.
  5. As this item is made up of polyester, there no be no question about the quality.
  6. Fits perfectly.
  7. Sizes are also okay.
  8. It’s quite comfortable.


  1. This green bay packer house slipper doesn’t fit well for some people. 
Finally, the super soft faux fur of this slipper will surely help you to feel comfortable all the time. Most importantly, you will definitely love the vibrant green bay packers graphics.

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