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What is SEO Articles and How to Source them for your Site?

SEO Contents provided by Shovon Joarder

If you would like to do the SEO for your website, then the thing you need to manage at first is SEO articles or SEO contents. Without having the SEO articles, it’s really not possible for anyone to perform search engine optimization related tasks. But there are two types of SEO. The first one is on page SEO and the second one is off page SEO. If you would like to do the on page SEO only for your website, then you need not to take help from the contents because everything related to on page SEO is in the backend of the website. But for off pages SEO linkbuilding, yes, you have to manage a lot of contents.

If you would like to start with web 2.0, then you have to arrange some contents that will be posted in a number of web 2.0 platform. On the other side, if you would like to proceed with guest blogging, then you also need to manage some high quality, informative as well as effective contents for this. So it can easily be said that without having sufficient SEO articles, this is really not possible to conduct effective internet marketing optimization. You might think of doing blog commenting or directory submission or even social bookmarking. But they will not be going to assist you a lot in the long run. Hope you got my point.

There are some differences between the normal or general articles and SEO articles. In an SEO article, you have to optimize your keyword. That’s why SEO article is not like other contents. In a general article, you don’t have to take any kind of a headache with the keyword. You just have to focus on creating an informative and helpful content. But for SEO articles, you have to maintain the keyword density very properly. Different clients have different requirements for keyword density in SEO articles. Some clients suggest to keep it between 0.75 to 3% where some clients suggest to keep it 5 – 6 % in a content of 500 words. Actually, the keyword density depends on a number of words. The more the word, the more the density will be.

It’s not so difficult to find a writer nowadays but it’s a bit tough to get SEO articles writer. Because an SEO article writer is not a writer only, he is somehow a professional SEO expert as well. So you have to search on a number of different marketplaces for this purpose. If you think that you can write very well, then I would like to suggest you to do follow the requirements of Google to know how to create an SEO article or what should be the keyword density in a single article.

Make sure you have a verified payment method before going to hire a professional and experienced SEO articles writer. Otherwise, you will not be able to hire. For a few marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr, you have to create milestone before going to hire SEO articles writer. iWriter is also the best platform for getting a qualified SEO articles writer. If you know someone who can write SEO articles very well, you can also request them to work on your project or you can also take help from SEO experts. Since the SEO experts need a lot of contents, they always have some writers and if they want, they can help you to get a qualified SEO articles writer.

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