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A Different take on Shooters

Shooters. They are the gaming industry's consistent money-makers at the moment, milking every last penny of all shooter fans around the world with simple PC game keys. With their popularity, it's not surprising that development studios are constantly on the lookout for something new to add to the genre if only to differentiate their game from the abundance of shooter games that take the market every year.

How about adding giant-sized mecha to the playing field?

That is exactly what Respawn Entertainment did in Titanfall, which was originally released in 2014 for Microsoft's multiple gaming platforms -- Windows, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

Titanfall is an online multiplayer first-person shooter that offers chaos and mayhem beautifully displayed by the combination of the traditional ground troops and the hulking mecha-like Titans. Being an online multiplayer only game, it does not feature a single-player mode commonly found in most shooter games, which you can easily secure PC game keys for. And that's actually a good thing since developers rarely focus on the single-player campaigns of their shooter games, preferring to jump right into the multiplayer aspect since it's the feature that gets players hooked. But single-player mode aspects are still present in the game like character dialogues and the presence of non-playable characters (NPC).

But you probably wouldn't be complaining about the lack of an offline single-player campaign anyway. Who genuinely enjoys a shooter game's story anyway?

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Rev up your own Titan with your PC game keys!

Here we are, the primary reason why you took to such great lengths just to get your own PC game keys for Titanfall: the badass-looking Titans. The traditional ground troops will be skipped because, well, we already see them in every shooter game out there. Sure, they may have different skill sets, but they're still ground troops.

The mecha-like Titans are not freely available anytime. Now, don't grumble at that fact, gloomy it may be. Players start the match -- which is objective-based like other shooters, unsurprisingly -- as the would-be pilots. Aside from having access to the usual firepower like machine guns and sniper rifles, players can also utilize pilot abilities like x-ray vision and speedy regeneration. No, this isn't an X-Men title you bought PC game keys for.

There is a counter displayed that signifies the amount of time that players will have to wait to summon their Titans. But when they are able to, it's when the real fun begins.

When inside the Titans, players have access to heavy-duty weaponry like rocket launchers and lightning cannons, perfect for wiping out those enemy ground troops. The Titans can also deploy a defensive wall for some much-needed shielding. And best of all, the Titans can be set to autonomous mode, meaning they can still be useful while you are out of the cockpit! They can act as sentries or simply provide cover fire while you cross a dangerous area.

There are three different types of Titans available, each having their own traits: They're fixed, whether you get the Xbox One version or bought a Season Pass. You would have to buy PC game keys and play Titanfall for yourself if you want an up-close look into each Titan's abilities.

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