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Mattress Disposal – How To Do It Right

Photo by Azrul Aziz on Unsplash
Responsible disposal is the tune you should be singing because the Earth needs our efforts. And if you feel that your worn-out mattress can’t make a difference, think again. 

Mattress disposal NYC is becoming more and more hyped these days because people are realizing the need to send this long-term belonging of theirs to a place where it can be dealt with in an environmentally justifiable method. If you have a mattress which has springs starting to creak or foam beginning form craters, the following are some better ways to deal with it rather than throwing it away. 

1. Junk Disposal 

These companies operate on many scales including international levels to private businesses started by neighborhoods, and they are an excellent option. Disposal companies usually charge people based on the following criteria:
  • The material being disposed of
  • The weight of the product
These companies specialize in materials which are commonly disposed from homes, and although you pay a certain amount for the service you ensure that you play a part in recycling or responsible dumping.

2. Home Recycling 

Mattress disposal NYC may be the quickest way to get the job done, but what if your artistic side starts giving you mixed signals before you get rid of the mattress? By recycling the material at home, you’re disposing the mattress, but using its components in ways that satisfy the guilt. 

On average, a double mattress contains 25 pounds of steel, and that steel can be used for decoration in the holiday season. In addition, you can bend the steel and do some creative statue art if you like. It’s free material, and it’s yours, so you might as well use it.

3. Donation 

A good quality mattress has a lifespan of around 7-8 years (maybe less depending on how frequently it is used), but if you genuinely feel that you are replacing yours because of extra comfort, then you can donate yours to a relevant organization. 

There are many non-governmental and private organizations such as the Salvation Army in the United States. These organizations work to collect donations for people who are underprivileged, and they will thoroughly inspect the mattress you donate for burns and tears (counting as damaged goods), and if they clear it, then it will count as a valuable donation. This is the spirit you want to revive in the city, and maybe a mattress is an excellent way to do it.

4. Return to The Manufacturer 

Instead of giving landfill sites a treat which the world can no longer handle without consequences, you can always contact your manufacturer and ask if there is a replacement scheme through which you can get a new mattress at subsidized rates with the exchange of the one you have. 

Just as with mattress disposal NYC, in this case, you will ensure that the manufacturer does not dispose of the mattress irresponsibly because most companies in America today are working with some restrictions imposed. And at the end of the day, the more money you save the more it contributes to a great day.

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