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8 Harmful Effects Of Hard Water On Human Body

water softener treatment systems
Water softener treatment systems
No one can live without hard water, that’s understood. But what is hard water and how it’s bad? Let’s find out!

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is the type of water which has a high amount of minerals including calcium, iron, and magnesium. The hardness of water can be a result of dissolved metals in it.

Hard water has many harmful effects on the human body. That is why more and more people are now choosing water softener treatment systems to soften their household water. In it, not an expensive thing to do, but it requires almost regular maintenance if you want to ensure an uninterrupted supply of soft water.

In the past few years, the dangers of hard water are becoming more and more prominent with recurring cases of illness and diseases. There are skin problems which are a result of hard water. there are hair problems and other potential health hazards as well.

Harmful Effects on Health

Hard water has many health hazards. It does not only affect the human body, but also your household appliances which utilize water. they include your dishwasher and washing machines. It will leave residues in your pipelines as well.

Below are the harmful effects of hard water on the human body:

1. High levels of calcium and magnesium which are present in hard water can lead to several organ damages. Drinking hard water increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

2. Drinking hard water can lead to frequent high blood pressure levels and we all know how harmful it is. That is why you should always use water softener treatment systems for your household water.

3. Drinking hard water increases the risk of certain types of cancer including ovarian cancer and esophageal cancer. 

4. Diabetes and neural problems are also connected to the drinking of hard water. 

5. Using hard water can cause eczema, which is a skin disease. People who regularly bathe in had water often have irritation and dry skin. It can also cause psoriasis, which is also a condition of the patchy and scaly skin. Hence, you need to use a high quality water filtration system which will make sure that your skin stays healthy. 

6. Bathing in hard water can lead to dull and dry hair. It will eventually damage your hair because the minerals present in the hard water will make it very difficult to thoroughly rinse off your hair. In this way, there will always be some of the shampoo that is left in your scalp. 

7. When coming in contact with your skin, hard water will leave mineral deposits on your skin. This will ultimately lead to those minerals absorbing the moisture and oils of your skin.

8. Hard water does not make lather. So, you will have to use soaps and shampoos with more chemicals. This will eventually damage your skin and hair. And if you have colored your hair, bathing in hard water will lead to a quicker wash away of your color.

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