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Importance of Breaking Up Salt Bridges to Maintain Brine Tank for Water Softening System

70000 grain water softener
70000 grain water softener
There is no denying the fact that whenever you are going to maintain a brine tank for the 70000 grain water softener you have, you must have to break up the salt bridges. But sadly, a vast majority of people are really not that much aware of this process. Therefore, this article has mainly been written for those who really don’t have a very good knowledge when it comes to a matter of breaking up the salt bridges for maintaining the brine tank in a right way. Keep reading to know more in details. 

So once you are done with checking the levels of salt as well as knowing what type of salt you will need to add, now it’s the most appropriate time to break up the salt bridges. For your kind information be informed that salt has the ability to create a very solid and rigid layer which is also known as “bridge” in the brine tank. Actually, it helps the loose salt on top to stay away from combining with the water that is located down below, stopping your water softener from functioning. Now you will have to manage a long broom handle and push it several times around the middle of the tank to bottom, for the purpose of breaking up any kind of rigid layers that have already been created. So in this way you can easily break up the salt bridges. The process is not really that much complicated, however, you need to make sure that you have the long broom handle at your house otherwise you may have to purchase a single one from your nearest local shop. Hope you got my point. 

In this part, I would like to discuss something interesting that will make you happy for sure. The thing is, in case you find it difficult to break up the salt bridges that have formed with the help of the long broom handle, then I must suggest you get some hot water and then pour it over the bridges so later you will notice that you don’t have to work hard a lot in order to break the salt bridge. This is one way that you can use and is even used by most of the people. Because breaking the salt bridge with the enormous assistance of a long broom handle can cost your energy where breaking the similar thing by pouring water will not cost you the same. Hope you got my point. 

Last but not the least, what to perform in case you are facing these repeated problems with salt bridging? Just don’t get disappointed even a bit because you will get the real solution in this part. So in case you’re facing this issue continuously, I would like to suggest you make use of the less salt and let it drop lower in between the refills. In addition, you can also clean the brine tank to get rid of this pesky problem. Thanks for reading!

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