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How to Control Your Phone Bill?

cheapest Telstra plan
cheapest Telstra plan
Your phone bills can be really expensive. If you are not careful about your phone usage, you can really create a nightmare for yourself. But you can manage your usage and even reduce it so that you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars on your phone bills in Australia. It is important that you are aware of how you use your phone so that you can look for ways to cut down your bills. You can even select the cheapest Telstra plan according to your budget so that you can save your precious money. 

But there are other ways also, which can help you lower down your phone bills. If you follow these tips you can reduce the small fortune that you pay every month for your mobile phone.

1. Reduce Mobile Data Usage 

Be smart and lower your mobile data usage. Try to stay on Wi-Fi whenever you can find it. When you are at home or in your office, stay connected to the Wi-Fi for updates and downloads. And when you are outside, you can simply use your mobile data but not download anything or stream videos.

2. Consider If You Need Insurance or Not 

Do you need an insurance for your phone? Let's assume that you pay $10 a month for your mobile phone insurance, it means you are paying $120 a year. You can simply cut this extra expenditure. Instead, you can gradually save money to repair your phone if something happens to it. There is a rare chance that something will happen to your phone, so there is no need to pay an extra amount every month.

3. Select the Right Plan 

Select the mobile phone plan based on your needs. Always opt for the cheapest Telstra plan which can help you save a lot of money in your phone bill. Do not choose a plan which is more than you need. Because in this way you are only paying the data which you will not use in a month.

4. Do Not Send Multimedia Messages 

Sending multimedia messages can really consume your data. You can use other apps instead like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and WeChat without paying anything (except for your data package)

5. Trim Your Usage 

Trim your daily usage of data. For example, if you frequently watch YouTube videos, you can simply use 240p instead of 720p. Download movie in SD instead of HD. Do not download games very often, as they will consume your data a lot. These will help you cut down your mobile bills.

6. Switch to Telstra

Consider changing your carrier and switch to Telstra. You can avail the cheapest Telstra plan which will help you lower your mobile bill. More and more Australians are now switching to Telstra to cut down their phone bills. Because nobody wants to pay huge amounts of money on the phone bills. And if you choose a smaller carrier, this can significantly lower your monthly cost.

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