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7 Common Questions Related To Ford EcoSport Answered

 Ford EcoSport Philippine
Ford EcoSport Philippine
Ford EcoSport the Philippines is one of the popular SUVs and it has emerged as a comfortable, affordable and best-selling car. Whenever the users want to purchase a Ford EcoSport Philippines, they have questions and they want those to be answered. We have covered all such users and buyers who are looking to buy a Ford EcoSport Philippines. We hope this will help them decide better about their purchase. 

1. In which colors Ford EcoSport is available?

This is one of the cars that come with more than five colors. Currently, the car is released with seven amazing colors including Moondust Silver, Sea Grey, Kinetic Blue, Panther Black, Diamond White, Mars Red, and Chill. 

2. What engine oil is best for Ford EcoSport?

This is a very important question. Many are the users who don’t know about engine oils or never pay attention to what engine oil they should follow for this car. According to the company, HELIX ULTRA 5W-30 synthetic grade oil is best for this model. However, for initial 10,000km the drivers should use mineral engine oil.

3. What is the mileage of Ford EcoSport?

There are two variants of the car, one comes with petrol and the other is a diesel engine. The petrol engine provides 16.1km for 1.5-liter petrol while the other one of diesel offers 22 km for 1.5-liter diesel. The highly prestigious 1.0-litre EcoBoost Engine vehicle gives 18 km of mileage, that’s very impressive and economical. 

4. Does Ford EcoSport come with safety airbags?

We know this is one of the finest and most rated models by Ford. it gained immense popularity soon after its release. The company has offered all the best safety and protection features for the comfort and peace of mind of the buyers. Ford EcoSport does come with safety airbags for the front passengers as well as side curtain airbags. 

5. How is the performance of Ford EcoSport?

Safety and performance are the two major concerns for the users. When it comes to the performance of this car, it’s simply amazing and offers maximum performance. 1.0 liter EcoBoost engine in Ford EcoSport generates power equal to that of a 1.5-liter engine. The car also offers smooth drivability. The other versions of 1.5-liter petrol and diesel are also impressive in performance. Basically, the engines installed in Ford EcoSport are taken from Sedan Fiesta that’s very popular for performance.

6. Does Ford EcoSport come with power steering?

Yes, the car comes with power steering. As promised, the company has offered all the best, latest and most demanded features in this SUV. The features, engine power, and performance of this car make it stand on top when compared to other SUVs of this range by other brands. 

7. What are the safety features in Ford EcoSport?

The car comes with a number of safety features that help protect the passengers and the driver in case it meets with an accident. The car incorporates six airbags for driver and front passenger. Other safety includes ABS, Emergency Assistance System, Side Curtains Airbags, Hill Launch Assist System, Front & Rear Seat Belts, Driver Seat Belt Reminder, Rear Parking Sensors, Emergency Brake Hazard Warning, Remote Central Locking with Flip Key.

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