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How To Pack Delicate Items When Moving To A New House

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junk removal Queens
There is a high risk of breaking fragile things while you are moving. You must be careful while shifting your house. It is not always the glass things which are broken while moving. Your electronics are also delicate and need to be packed with care. There are house cleanout services as well as junk removal Queen's services which you can hire for moving your stuff. But you have to be the one to pack them first. 

Here is a list of ideas to pack your fragile and delicate items to reduce the chances of any damage. 

1. Pack Less, Throw Out Junk

First, you need to ask yourself if you need all the stuff in your new house. Junk removal Queen's services can be at your doorstep whenever you want. Sift through all the things in your house and take out the breakable stuff which you do not want anymore. Then hire a junk removal Queens service to take it out. 

This is the very first step in packing. By now you have made your mind about which delicate things you will take to your new house. It is better if you pack less because you can always throw out the unwanted delicate stuff like decorative items, which will only take up space. 

2. Find the Packing Materials

The second step is to stock your packing materials. You need to be very generous with cardboard boxes and plastic wraps. There will be some of your fragile items which will need a whole box to themselves. So, purchase a lot of boxes. Plastic wrap is the best thing which can save your delicate things better than any other thing. 

3. Packing the Electronics

The third step is to start packing all the delicate things in your house. While packing the electronics, put them in sperate boxes. It is better if you have their original packings because this way you will reduce the chances of any damage. But if you don’t have them, use plastic wraps to wrap your electrical goods and put them in separate cardboard boxes. You can also use a polythene sheet for securing them. There are many junk TV removal service ready to help you.

4. Packing Delicate Furniture

Some of your furniture can be equally delicate. It will also need to be wrapped up tight. Dismantle the furniture so that you can put the smaller pieces in boxes. Do not move the furniture as it is. It will only damage the corners and sides of it. Be sure to put all the nuts and screws in a safe place.

5. Packing Glassware (Decoration Pieces, Crockery)

Glassware is most commonly broken when you are moving to a new house. Be sure to pack every glass and cup in a sheet of plastic. In this way, they will not collide with each other. You can put them all in one box but they will not break. There is no need to arrange boxes with special cells made in them to put glasses and cups. You can use any regular cardboard box and wrap all the glassware and decoration pieces with a plastic wrap.

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