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Facts About Fleece And Denali Jackets

North Face Denali womens XL
North Face Denali womens XL
We all know this very well that Fleece is a special fabric worn in winters because it keeps you warm both indoors and outdoors. Almost everyone has at least one pair of fleece jacket (For instance the famous North Face Denali women's XL jacket) in their wardrobe for winters. If you have ever questioned what your fleece jacket is made from, you will love to read this article.

Introduction to Fleece

Fleece is not made from sheep’s fur rather, it is derived from plastic. Plus, it is 100% synthetic and I know it’s hard to believe especially when it is so warm and fuzzy to touch. 

Speaking of plastic, it is made from polyester. The polyester fiber is woven into a light fabric and then it is brushed to increase the volume in the fiber. Sometimes, natural fibers like rayon, hemp or wool are also used in the making of fleece. So does that mean a fleece jacket can be made out of plastic bags or even water bottles? Yes, absolutely. The next time you wear a fleece jacket remind yourself that you are wearing an eco-friendly product.

Fleece isn’t just warm, it is moisture resistant too. It became popular in the 1990s because it was even warmer than wool.

1. How Come Fleece Is So Soft?

A special technique is used to make fleece soft. The fabric goes through a napping machine, and bristles are rubbed over the surface to make it fuzzy. Because of its softness, it is best used in sweatshirts and pullovers.

2. It’s Even Lighter Than Wool

You must have observed that yourself. Even though fleece is available in a variety of thickness, it still weighs less. You don’t have to wear multiple sweaters to keep yourself warm, a good old fleece jacket will be enough to provide you with all the comfort you need in the cold weather.

3. It’s Water Resistant 

Fleece does not absorb water. That’s because of its hydrophobic quality. It is breathable even if it is wet. This is exactly why clothes made from fleece are good even during spring since the weather can be unpredictable. 

4. Fleece Is Vegan Approved

All vegans can wear fleece jackets with pride. It is made from all-man materials so if you are looking for an alternative to wool, this would keep you warm throughout the winters.

5. A Fleece Jacket Must Be Washed at a Lower Temperature 

Many people complain that their fleece jacket becomes rough over time. Well, this happens because people don’t abide by the rules of washing fleece. It must only be wasted at a lower temperature. Don’t toss it into the dryer after washing. If you want to increase its life, only air dry your fleece jacket. A good thing is it dries very quickly. Do not iron your jacket or any other garment made out of fleece otherwise, you will simply damage the material. On the bright side, it won’t need ironing because the thickness of the material keeps it from developing crinkles.

Feel free to buy yourself a North Face Denali womens XL jacket or your baby an infant North Face Denali because fleece is a must-have fabric.

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