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19 Shocking Facts About Water

19 Shocking Facts About Water
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Water is a crucial necessity for life. There is no need to tell how important it is to stay alive. Apart from drinking purposes, it is a crucial necessity in your household. The water on earth is finite. It is so precious that countries are now looking to amass as much water as they can because this resource is on a decline. The water levels are declining in the oceans and seas. This is quite an alarming situation for the world. 

More people are now buying soft water systems for apartments because almost all the water in their household is hard. It contains so many dissolved minerals which are bad for health. These companies are producing various soft water systems for apartments for people with different needs.

Nevertheless, there are so many shocking facts about water which most people are unaware of. Here are some of those mind-blowing facts:

1. The human body is made up of 50 to 65% water. This is an average statistic about the water composition in human bodies. 

2. Infants have more water composition in their body as compared to adults. They have almost 78% of the water in their bodies. 

3. A gallon of water has the weight of 8.34 lbs. 

4. One liter of water has the weight of 1 kilogram. 

5. Water is a carrier of diseases. Almost 3.4 million people die every year because of waterborne diseases. 

6. Water has caused almost 265 conflicts between states from 3000 BC to 2012. This number of conflicts contains the recorded ones. There might have been unrecorded conflicts also. 

7. Almost 70% of the Earth's surface is composed of water. But this percentage is declining. 

8. Only 0.3% of water resources contain freshwater. 97% of the resources contain salty water.

9. The water resources have almost been consumed. There is a need to save water. You can save almost 4 gallons of water if you turn off the tap while you brush your teeth. 

10. 5 minutes in the shower can use 10 to 25 gallons of water. 

11. Not all the water is drinkable. Almost 748 million people in the world do not have an improved source of drinkable water. 

12. Almost 8 liters of water is used in a single flush in the toilet. 

13. It takes almost 300 liters of water to make just one newspaper.

14. Almost 70% of the water usage in the world is consumed by the agriculture industry. 

15. There are parts of the world which have the least water resources. On average people in Africa and Asia travel almost 4 miles to collect water. You cannot realize what it feels when there is no water, not even for drinking. 

16. Since water is an excellent carrier of diseases, almost 80% of the illnesses result from water-borne diseases.

17. The developing countries have very less clean water resources. That is why the water-related issues are more in the developing.

18. Using a garbage disposal is water intensive. It is better if you use compost instead. 

19. On average, an American person uses around 100 gallons of water every day. A European person uses 50 gallons of water per day. Whereas a person from sub-Sahara uses 2 to 5 gallons.

If you need to avoid all the harmful effects of drinking water, you should use the proper water filtration systems. Knowing about the technical aspects of water filtration systems and how does a reverse osmosis unit work add additional benefit to operate the system for your residence or industry.

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