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On-Page SEO Factors for 2018

SEO services Sydney
SEO services Sydney
In this article, I will provide you with three of the most essential on-page SEO factors that you will need to keep in mind especially in the year 2018. Therefore, I would like to request you keep reading this article to know more in details. And I am pretty sure that after reading this article you will surely have a very good understanding of the on-page SEO factors in 2018.

So to start, the very first thing that you will have to perform is to take a look at the URL. The URL must need to be short, sweet and descriptive. And whenever you are going to create a URL for your webpage, make sure to include the targeted keyword into them. It is always better to have a specific keyword for a specific webpage and whenever you are going to perform the keyword research, you need to keep it in your mind. But for URL, please remember that the shorter the URL, the better. So creating a short but descriptive URL really works pretty awesomely. Let’s move onto the next on-page SEO factor.

So after URL, the second important factor that you will have to consider is the title tag. For your kind information be informed that title tag is considered as one of the highly essential on-page SEO factors. But just like the URL, you also need to add the targeted keyword into the title tag. Besides, you need to be highly focused on the length of the title tag. According to the SEO professionals of SEO services Sydney, this is always better to limit your title tag between 65 – 70 characters. This is always safe. Also, make sure to include the modifiers into the title tag so that it would be a catchy title tag. You can also add a number, preferably the odd number together with the current year to get a lot more attractions by the Google search engine users. Hope you got my point. 

Next is to add the meta description which is also essentially similar to the title tag and URL. But for meta description, the length is supposed to be between 200-350 characters so that it would be easier for Google to understand what your page is all about. Basically, the meta description tag will let the users and search engines know what your page is actually all about. And similar to the previous on page SEO factors, make sure to include the targeted keywords into the meta description. If you are using WordPress as your content management system, then you will find a plugin called Yoast and you can make use of that plugin in order to ensure that the web pages of your site are fully SEO optimized by best SEO services. So that’s the real benefit of using the Yoast plugin.

So to sum up, these are the three most essential on-page SEO factors that you will have to consider especially in the year 2018. That’s all for today and many thanks for taking a look at this article.

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