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4 Reasons Not To Drink Bottled Water

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Water is tasteless yet if you are drinking from a different place, you will feel it taste different from what you are used to drinking. This is why, when you travel to a different town or city, you prefer to drink bottled water. Don’t you?

I am sure, your answer is “Yes” because that was me a few years back before I realized that I am doing damage to my body. I was a person who would always be thirsty and yet would always forget to keep a water bottle. And to avoid drinking from everywhere, I would always rush to the nearby store to fetch a sealed water bottle. Even after all this, I got ill and my medic told me that it was the water in the bottle. I was shocked at that and forcefully, switched myself to tap water. You must be wondering, how bottled water could have caused my illness. That’s what I thought back then. 

At that time, it was hard for me but soon I realized that bottled water was an unknown leech. And now that I know the reasons why one should not drink bottled water, I am stating them here for you.

1. It Has Harmful Chemicals 

Bottled water comes in plastic bottle 99% of the time. The water in the bottle may seem clear of the germs, however, the plastic in bottles ends up in contaminating the water, making it impure for you. 

The chemicals in the plastic of water bottle are one of the reasons you might suffer from cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. Moreover, the chemicals in the plastic end up in creating problems for you if you plan to have a baby.

2. Heavy on Your Pockets

Water is cheap in Australia costing around 1 cent per liter. However, it costs ten times more when in the bottle. Almost all the places have tap water that is approved for drinking yet you would prefer buying bottled water? You will be devastated to know that many companies including big names like Nestle, Dasani etc. fill the bottles with tap water and their CEOs leech onto your money without you being aware of it. 

3. It May Not Always Be Available

Bottled water is not available in many areas. So if you do not like the idea of drinking water from taps, keep a thermos flask with you all the time to with air injection iron filter or carbon filter. This way you will be able to have filtered water without having to buy bottled water. Air injection iron filter and whole house iron water filter both help in filtering water from different chemical and miniature filters can be found at water filtration stores. 

4. Threat to Environment

Plastic is hard to decompose and end up in the sea, threatening marine life and the environment. Therefore, it is essential to avoid using and supporting the plastic bottles and bottled water. 

Above mentioned reasons are enough for one to realize that drinking bottled water is not an option anymore.

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