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Mountain Biking in Sydney – What to Know

mountain bikes for sale Sydney
mountain bikes for sale Sydney
We all know Sydney is one of the scenic places in the world with slabs of sandstones and deep-cliff valleys, making it an ideal city to roam around on a mountain bike. Mountain biking is not new in here and hence, there are stores, learning centers for teaching riding skills and especially the mountain biking trails all through the places to entertain mountain bikers. 

Regardless of who you are and what your riding skill level is, you should know the specifics and dos and don’ts. So before you wander around on your mountain bike, know the following:

1. Mountain Bike Trails in Sydney

Sydney is equipped with mountain biking trails so whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced level skill rider, it is up to you which one you want to cover. Among regular mountain bikers, following trails are more popular than others:

1. Oaks Fire Trail

2. Narrow Neck Peninsula Trail 

3. Discovery Trail- Katoomba to Leura

4. Hanging Rock Trail

5. Anvil Rock with Perry’s Lookdown Trail

6. Great Blue Mountain Trail

2. Mountain Bike Stores and Repair Centers 

If you do not have a mountain bike and are looking for one, always prefer to look for mountain bikes for sale Sydney at different stores before you actually buy one. It will help you in getting the best bikes at affordable prices.

Moreover, aside from keeping a bike toolkit, you should know where different repair centers lie on the trail you are moving on. Make sure to use GPS technology to help you with that.

Different stores where you can find Specialised bikes for sale in Sydney are:

· Trek Bikes

· Gumtree

· Bike Exchange 

· Giant Sydney

· 99 Bikes 

3. Road Rules for Mountain Biking

Road rules are important while you are on road. Even though, mountain bikes don’t do well on roads yet if you cycle around then make sure you are abiding by the following rules:

1. Stay in the bike lane and don’t go beyond especially in Bus only Lane

2. Wear a helmet 

3. Always make use of bell and whistle when necessary

4. You may overtake other bikes but don’t go overtaking other vehicles

5. Take notice of the traffic signals, they apply to you just like they are for other vehicles

6. Use hand signals when necessary

7. Take precautionary measures when crossing an intersection

4. Self-Care Tips 

Last but not least, when you are traveling your favorite trail on your mountain bike, always take into account your own personal care tips. You should have with you the following items while riding:

1. Sunscreen 

2. Sunglasses

3. Gloves

4. Helmet

5. Hydration Pack

6. Repair Tool Kit

7. Maps

8. Medical Card

And lastly, consider the clothing specifics for biking and dress up according to weather conditions. Especially, when it is raining put on a raincoat and when it is cold outside, put on thermals and wear insulation layers under to protect yourself.

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