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Road Bike vs Mountain Bike – Begin Fight!

Specialized mountain bikes Melbourne
Specialized mountain bikes Melbourne
When most people are getting Specialized bikes in Melbourne, they don’t know the difference between road bikes and mountain bikes.

The following article is written to make you're aware!

Road Bike Characteristics

1. Very Speedy

It won’t be wrong to call road bikes as racers of the bicycle community. These bikes are specifically made to reach high speeds. 

2. Light Weight

The framework of these bikes is mostly made of aluminum and carbon fiber. At times steel can be used but it is mostly used in hybrid road bikes. 

3. Limitation

You cannot travel on road bikes on a variety of terrains. These bikes are limited to smooth trails. For best usage, it is recommended to travel on road bikes, only on paved roads.

Also, these bikes have a reduced set of gears.

4. Recommended for Thrill Seekers and Competitors

These bikes are recommended for people who love the thrill. Instead of using average bicycles or even mountain bikes. Road bikes are favored by people who love racing. These bikes are also used in biking competitors where high speed is mandatory.

5. Safety is Compulsory

Although there are no state laws for safety, it is compulsory for your good health to wear safety gear. This is because at high speed if you suffer from an accident, you can wreck your body. 

To lower the impact, wear a helmet and pads so that you enjoy the riding aesthetics of road bikes.

Mountain Bike Characteristics

1. Versatility

As compared to road bikes, mountain bikes are highly versatile in nature. They may not give as much speed as road bikes, but they are available in lots of categories. Cross country, freeride, downhill, life assisted and much more! 

2. Scalability

A specialised bikes Sydney store owner told us that mountain bikes can be used to travel almost everywhere. Stone pavements, forests, mountain terrains – even dirt tracks. Specialized mountain bikes are famous for traveling on different types of pavements. 

3. Infrastructure

Mountain bikes have large tires and possess a heavier infrastructure than road bikes. This reduces overall speed.

On the other hand, since these bikes are made to travel on a variety of different terrains, they are equipped with a large set of gears, each performing its required functionality.

4. Better Workout

Road bikes are all about speed and you can expect a pretty straightforward, robotic type of motion. However, there is a completely different science of workout, related to mountain bikes.

As you travel on uneven roads, you spread the focus of your muscles and this gives you an overall better workout. 


These bikes are recommended for people who want to enjoy a bit of everything. If you are a city dweller and occasionally, want to enjoy cycling in the wild, go for mountain bikes.

With a lot of different types to match your personality, you will have more fun, trying different terrains. In fact, a lot of people make a hobby of traveling in groups. In Melbourne, they opt for Specialized mountain bikes Melbourne – so, make a plan and travel together. This helps them make some of the best memories of their lives.

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