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History Of Toyota And Its Best Cars

Toyota Hiace for sale
Toyota Hiace for sale
Everyone around knows about Toyota, the world’s best automobile manufacturing brand. But when it comes to its history, how it was created and who was behind the idea- a very few people know about it. In this post, we will talk about the history of Toyota in brief and also list down the best cars Toyota has manufactured so far. 

1. Toyota was initially named as Toyoda and it was named after the founder’s son, Kiichiro Toyoda in 1933. Toyoda traveled to Europe, America and other parts of the world to learn about automobiles and find out the engines that worked on gasoline. Due to war with China, Toyoda Automatic Loom Works was encouraged by the Japanese government to start production of cars. If you are looking Toyota Hiace for sale, do some research on the model first to avoid confusion later. 

2. It was 1934 when the company managed to make the first Type A Engine and this engine was used in the first car A1 and first truck G1 in 1935. This was the start of automotive work by the company and in initial productions, different parts of American vehicles were also used. However, Toyota still works in the textile industry and has gained more popularity as an automobile brand in the world. 

3. After successfully making the engine and initial models, the company was introduced in 1937 as an automobile brand and it started producing more cars and trucks. Now, after 90 years, the company falls among the best car manufacturers in the world and has spread its network across the globe. Mostly all the developed and developing countries have Toyota offices and manufacturing units where new models are assembled and manufactured. 

Toyota’s Best Cars

When it comes to Toyota best cars, we have a long list and literally, the company has worked a lot to offer its users with some of the finest cars in the world. Whether it be Toyota Corolla, the best-selling model, or Land Cruiser or the new Fortuner model- every car and model of Toyota vehicles come packed with innovation, creativity, new features, best safety measures, and powerful engines. However, we are going to list down some best models. 

1. 1992 Toyota Camry 

This car truly deserves to be the called among the best cars Toyota has ever produced. The style, design, engine, power, and performance of the car were amazing and that almost 26 years ago. 

2. 1999 Lexus RX300

This model by the company was also hailed as one of the coolest and finest cars the company has introduced so far. This five-seater is a beautiful car and shows the hard work of the company. 

3. 2000 Toyota Tundra 

This pickup truck by Toyota still is the best truck. However, the company has improved its new models and now the trucks come with more power, better features, and great safety yet they seem nothing in front of Tundra. 

Other really good car models are as follows:

4. Toyota Avalon

5. Toyota Land Cruiser

6. Toyota Fortuner

7. Toyota Prius 

8. Toyota Highlander

9. Toyota 86

10. Toyota Sienna

11. Toyota Hiace

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