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Top Tips On How to Reduce Data Usage On Android and iOS

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Smartphone users with limited or unlimited data prepaid mobile plans want to reduce the use of the data in order to not spend more than they plan. Most of the people use the Android platform while some are iPhone owners with iOS installed on their devices. This post will help the users on how they can reduce their data usage on Android as well as iOS.

Reduce Data Usage on Android

Here are some useful tips regarding minimizing the data usage on Android.

1. Limit Data Usage in Settings

The Android users can utilize a default feature provided in the phones to reduce data consumption. You should go to settings, then data usage, then the billing cycle and put a limit there. For example, if you have 30GB in a month, you can limit it to 25GB or near the limit. Moreover, there is an option of automatic disconnection from the network when the date limit is over and this feature should be turned on.

2. Restrict App Background Data

In all smartphones now, a feature is provided that allows users to restrict the app background refresh. This feature when turned on keeps updating, synching and giving updates in all apps so you must turn it off to reduce the data usage. It can be done by going into settings and finding the option.

3. Use Data Compression on Chrome

Most of the Android users have Chrome as their browsers and it consumes a lot more data than other browsers. However, a feature has been offered and that is to compress the data usage. Turn it and it will save you a lot of data.

More Tricks for Reducing Data Usage

· Updates should be turned on only for Wi-Fi, not data usage

· Limit your use of streaming services

· Keep an eye on apps and uninstall or use less the apps that consume more data

Reduce Data Usage on iOS

1. Turn off Data for iCloud

It is better to keep data off for iCloud because it keeps synching and updating and ultimately consumes a lot of data.

2. Disable Automatic Downloads

This can be done by going into settings, then iTunes and here you will find data option for automatic downloads. Turn it off.

3. Disable Wi-Fi Assist

This feature helps Wi-Fi when the network is slow so the data usage helps improve Wi-Fi speed. It should be turned off. 

Disable App Background Refresh

Like Android users, iOS users should restrict or disable app background refresh to save a good amount of data.

4. Optimize Data Settings

iOS allows users to choose which apps will use data usage so you need to select the necessary apps carefully and keep data off for others. It can be done in settings, then cellular data or mobile data and then the apps using cell data.

5. Avoid Using Hotspot

Hotspot created from your iOS device consumes data very quickly and affects the battery life as well. It has severe effects on the battery life and regular use of hotspot may reduce battery timing.

So when you don’t have unlimited data prepaid best value mobile plans, these tips will come in handy.

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