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How to Keep Your Sofa as New as It Was in Its First Day?

custom seat upholstery
custom seat upholstery
You shifted your house and you bought a new sofa for your lounge. The sofa that you bought is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in your house. Obviously, you bought an expensive sofa so that it can last long, right? Let me tell you one thing, your low-priced sofa will last for almost 10 years and your high-priced branded sofa will last for almost 25 years or more. Can you really keep your sofa as new as it was on the first day when you brought it to your home? That’s humanly not possible. Because with kids, pets, stains, dust you cannot keep up the condition of your sofa. But there are certain tips to maintain the glamour of your sofa for a longer period.

How to Pull This Off?

To save your time and to keep your sofa new, you need to perform these simple tips and tricks on the sofa to maintain its quality. Don’t just apply these tricks and tips, instead avoid certain behaviors that will cause your sofa or couch to wear out before time or break prematurely. Consider changing these behaviors! 

1. Don’t Sit on the Same Spot Every Time

Whenever we sit on the sofa, we choose the same spot every time. Why? Because it’s our habit. But not anymore. You have to change your habits and even you’re sitting spot as well. If you want your couch to survive for almost 25 years, then you must consider changing your sitting spot. If you will sit on the same spot for longer periods of time, the sofa will end up being saggy and worn on one end and the other end of the sofa will relatively look new. Distribute your weight on the entire sofa evenly to avoid the premature wearing of one area. 

2. Don’t Jump on It

Regardless of your weight, never jump on the sofa. After a tiring day at work, everybody wants to come and jump up into their couch but if you will repeat doing this, you and your sofa will be in trouble. The frame of the sofa will get weak and the sofa will start squeaking. 

3. Vacuum Your Sofa Regularly

Every week you vacuum your carpet, but have you ever vacuumed your sofa? Don’t forget to vacuum your sofa because it is a great habit to get into. Vacuuming your sofa will save it from dirt; crumbs and other debris from getting into the fabric and through vacuuming your sofa will last longer. 

4. Don’t Sleep on Your Sofa

Your sofas and couches are for sitting not sleeping. When you lay on your sofa for longer periods of time, it will start sagging and deteriorate before its time. A short half an hour nap is fine but sleeping on your sofa for almost more than 8 hours will affect it. 

5. Rotate the Cushions

Another way to protect your sofa and maximize its life is through rotating the cushions on a daily basis. Flip the sides of the cushions. You can swap the positions of cushions as well. By doing this, it will help you in preventing the unevenness of your sofa.

6. Reupholster

If your sofa does show signs of age, you can always get a furniture upholstery repair near me job done, and it will be new again.

In my experience, a custom seat upholstery will add about 2-8 years to your sofa’s life. And the best part? You can get it reupholstered again too.

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