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7 Red Flags To Watch Out For When Hiring An SEO Firm

New York SEO firm

When it comes to hiring an SEO firm, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Everyone has a different perspective to watch out when they are looking for a firm. Whether you need a New York SEO firm or in any other city, mistakes may occur and we have devised this post in order to help out the people looking for SEO services. By following these tips, you can minimize the risk of hiring a wrong SEO firm.

1. Poor Communication

Communication reveals everything when you deal with the head of an agency. When you don’t compromise on poor communication and make sure every staff member is brilliant and talented, you should not ignore this area when hiring an SEO firm. Poor communication may lead to delay in work delivery, not responding when needed and ignoring alerts.

2. Slow Response Time

SEO is nowadays the backbone of any business when it comes to its digital marketing and advertising. Many times, the clients want immediate changes but the firm fails to respond on time. This shows how ignorant they are and they have no respect for what you want from them. Always consider how quick they are when it comes to response.

3. Too Good to Be True

We often come across with professional freelance SEO expert that claim they are the best and can guarantee everything. This seems too good to be true as no one can make it happen that your brand gets the top slot in the search. Moreover, such agencies believe in self-promotion and consider they are the only group of people who can do your job. Deal carefully with such agencies and avoid to hire them.

4. Work Portfolio

The work portfolio and past projects of every firm must be checked and reviewed in detail in order to analyze their expertise, skills, dedication for the work and how professional they are. If they don’t have an impressive profile with some good projects on their list, that’s probably because they failed to make an impact. How will they be effective for you when they have failed a lot of times before?

5. Poor Client Retention

Client retention matters a lot because if a firm is really good with clients, they will definitely hire them again. Any SEO services firm with poor client retention should not be given a chance for your work.

6. Too Cheap or Too Expensive

Firms offering too low rates might be those who are not getting projects for some reasons and too expensive firms are those who claim the best but deliver the worst. Take care of rates while hiring a New York SEO firm.

7. Customer Feedback

It is better to go through the user feedback, comments, and reviews when you are hiring a New York SEO firm. The users and clients who hired those agencies say the honest things about them, their services, how professional they are, how they treat their clients and regarding other matters. This will help you a lot to decide. If there are negative feedbacks in abundance, it is time to ignore the firm.

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