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8 Best Cars Of 2010s

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This decade, 2010-2020, has been splendid (so far) when it comes to tech, innovation, and advanced developments. The automotive industry also saw a great improvement and we were lucky to be blessed with a good number of awesome cars. Some of the best cars of this decade are listed below.

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1. Toyota Tundra

We have tried our level best to add only the best, reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles in this list that the users have found great in their experience. The first item on this list in Tundra. This massive pickup truck like the vehicle has everything anyone may just dream in a car. Powerful, beautiful, massive, packed with amazing features, stunning look and awesome interior make it a perfect pickup truck.

2. Acura TSX

You will be a bit disappointed to learn this a top-rated car has been closed and is no more produced. From 2009 to 2014, this car topped every ranking and remained one of the flawless cars. It has been closed but the older models are still available in a user form and they can be a smart purchase.

3. Honda Civic

This list will be incomplete without Honda Civic. This car is known as the king of vehicles. Civic has an interesting history and it saved Honda from being shut down. It has been one of the best and outstanding cars in the past ten to fifteen years. The new models are even better and have helped Honda retain top spot of its Civic.

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4. Ford Escape

Ford has been outstanding is making a great name as a reliable automaker. It has produced many reliable cars but Escape has been best of all these in the last decade. It makes a great SUV with an affordable price and so many new and amazing features.

5. Lexus ES

The luxury vehicle division of Toyota, Lexus, has produced so many stunning and great cars. ES has been outstanding throughout the years and the drivers and experts failed to find out any faults in 11 years. It has everything, a beautiful design just like any luxury car, great shape, outstanding features, and an extremely powerful engine. This is truly the best car of this decade.

6. BMW 3-Series

BMW is a luxury brand and it has been amazing throughout the years with its unique cars featuring new technology, new features, best designs, and perfect interior. But the 3-Series was above all for its pure class and special attention to the comfort and quality.

7. Toyota Prius

Toyota has a number of reliable and best vehicles of the decade but all cannot be listed. So we have added this Prius because of its popularity, great response by users and cool design. It was the design, comfort, performance, and features of Prius that helped it make to this list.

8. Mercedes Benz E-Class

Just like its competitor BMW, Mercedes has been more famous for manufacturing luxury vehicles. The E-Class was just elegant, performance oriented, with more focus on power and comfort. These cars deserve to be on this list of the car cars of the decade.

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