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Should I Join a Gym or Workout at Home?

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A healthy and active lifestyle attracts us all but for some reason, it is really hard to maintain. That is the only reason why we see many people committing to exercise and work out regularly only to give it up after a while. Once we commit to it, it somehow becomes way more complicated to pursue or maybe our laziness gets the best of us. A big reason behind this seems to be the daily commute to the gym. And this brings us to our big question, should you join a gym or workout at home? While the decision lies with your preference, we can help you garner a bit of clarity regarding both the choices by sharing with you their pros and cons respectively.

Joining a Gym


1. Joining one of the best gyms that have personal trainers like the Palm Beach gym in Boca Raton provides you with a lot of choices. Whether you are a machine person or like to lift weights manually, the Palm Beach gym in Boca Raton or any other professional gym would provide you with all the options.

2. Working out in a gym keeps you motivated. Looking at people lifting weights and doing workout routines that you can currently only dream of pulling off is quite captivating and pushes you to the limit to be able to achieve the feat.

3. With everyone working out in the gym, you hear this great sound of heavy machines clunking everywhere that it adds some kind of an energetic vibe to the atmosphere. Don’t take our word for it, just head out to a busy gym like the Palm Beach gym in Boca Raton and feel the energy yourself. You’ll feel like hitting the weights right away.


1. Putting aside the hefty joining fee, even the monthly payments feel like a drag whether it is $100 a month or just $10.

2. Packing and carrying a gym bag is also a hassle. Then there is getting dressed in the gym attire, driving there and wishing to find a parking spot etc. The trouble you have to go through to just get to the gym makes you put it off.

3. If nothing else, many people are simply turned off from crowded places.

Working Out at Home


Working out at home on the other hand only requires a one-time investment of a few machines that suit your exercise style and that is it. No joining fee or monthly membership charges to haunt you.

It does not require you to pack your things or travel or wish to find a parking spot. It doesn’t even require you to get a gym attire. Hell! You can work out in your pajamas if you want.


It lacks the variety of workouts that you are exposed to at local gyms. If you wish to add anything to your workout routine, you need to invest in new equipment.

Working out alone at home isn’t exciting. When something lacks excitement, it eventually becomes boring and it is human nature to put off boring things for as long as possible.

Yes! Working out is important but how you wish to pursue it is entirely dependent on your preference but we do suggest that you commit yourself into following a healthy routine and exercise as much as you can.

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